Friday, June 9, 2017

Civil Rights Movement

   During Abraham Lincoln's presidency, he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation was suppose to free all African Americans that were considered slaves. While, in the 1960's there was still a lot of inequality. Segregation was everywhere. Colored people and White people had separate everything. Two different schools, two different stores, doctors, everything. Inequality was heightened during the 60's. There was constant violence directed towards African Americans. African Americans were unable to vote until 1965. AFter the Voting Rights Act was passed, and literacy tests were outlawed, African Americans slowly started to gain equal rights.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Freedom in early america

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      This time around we are learning about early America. Below is the link to the article.

     America was built on the idea of freedom. Freedom is the idea to be able to do what you want to. Every person that came to America came to have a new start with more freedom...well almost everyone. Many African Americans were brought to America by force for "cheap labor".

       African Americans were brought here from Africa to work on Plantations in Jamestown in 1619. African Americans aka slaves were used to harvest tobacco and other "cash crops" of that time period. Cash crops were simply just crops that people planted in order to gain a lot of wealth. Slaves became more and more popular in America throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. African Americans were forced to come to America, lost their freedom, and were forced to work on plantations their whole life. This is a prime example of a lack of freedom in early America.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Freedom in Colonial America


    During Colonial Times, some colonies were established so that people could have religious freedom. In england many people were faced with religious persecution for not being a certain religion. When the pilgrims came to America they were looking to have the freedom to practice whichever religion they wanted to. Now, people will not be persecuted for practicing a different religion than someone else. In the article it explains why people wanted freedom, what kind of freedom they wanted, and how different it is now than it was back in Colonial times. It gives a more in depth explanation of why people were sp egar to come to America. To start over and have a new life.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Hi there! For my US history class, my teacher has asked us to create a blog to talk about a commo theme from the class. For the next 9 months, I  will be writing about Freedom.

Below there is a link to an article i found about freedom:

In this article they talk about two main things, the first on is obvious...American Freedom, and the second topic is about how Americans are also losing their freedom. Freedom has a wide variety of meanings and uses, but the main 6 everyone knows...the freedom of speech, freedom of religon, freedom of press, freedom to petition, freedom of assembly, and finally the right to bear arms. The first half of this article is explaining the basic rights and freedoms Americans have, showing us what sets the United States apart from other parts of the world and how much freedom we have, but then it switches over to how Americans are losing their freedom. Their main argumet was about health care. Saying that being forced to get health care, but being punished if you dont isnt freedom. After reading this I kind of agree with them. It does seem like we are losing some of our rights and have less freedom. Forcing someone to do something is just that forcing them; you dont give them a choice you make them do it. We're suppose to have a choice in many things, but recently it only seems like we're forced to do things.

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